This was my first experience with intra oral massage. Caroline was professional, informative, caring and skilled. It was a very relaxing as well as a therapeutic experience. I highly recommend this therapy for anyone with TMJ concerns.
Vickey S

Effective, lovely
Caroline's intra-oral, head, and neck massage is gentle and so effective. I have lasting relief from jaw pain and headaches from my nighttime grinding and clenching. I am so grateful I found Caroline. She is immensely skilled, kind, and knowledgeable, and communicates clearly and thoughtfully.

Highly recommend
Caroline is great at what she does. Nobody else in the Seattle area provides this kind of TMJ-specific massage, and seeing Caroline has really helped me. My masseter muscle is much calmer and more relaxed, and my jaw feels much better after seeing her. She is also extremely professional and makes it very easy to submit a superbill to my insurance. I highly recommend her.
Ben P

Finally.... Some Relief
This is the best investment I have made in myself in a long time. Caroline begins the massage by soothing away head and neck tension before working into the intra-oral massage. Here, Caroline's skill and intuition pair up to really support the function of the jaw - striving each time to go a little deeper. So relaxing, I usually drift to sleep. Each session leads to more relief! Caroline is an expert professional in TMJ treatment. Her space is clean and follows COVID protocols.
Heather F

Like night and day!
After years of struggling with treatments and enduring worsening pain and symptoms, I was at the end of my rope by the time I started seeing Caroline. Between making some major lifestyle changes and maintaining regular sessions, it’s been like night and day! Caroline truly cares about her work and it shows. If you are struggling, don’t think twice! Definitely see her!
Vivian H.

Pain Free Intra-Oral Massage?? Yes, Caroline is amazing.
I tried intramural massage for my TMJ many years ago but couldn’t continue because it was so painful to have the massage. The pain from the TMJ was bad but an hour of pain that seemed self inflicted was worse. My doctor recommended I try Caroline and I am so glad I gave it a try. Her approach is effective and even relaxing! My TMJ dysfunction is much improved- less clicking and locking and no-painful locking. I am very grateful.
Sara Lane

Amazing relief
I am recovering from cranial surgery for trigeminal neuralgia with a lot of discomfort in my face and jaw and Caroline’s treatments have provided me with relief. She is a true healer. Her treatments are gentle and very relaxing. I cannot recommend highly enough for anyone dealing with jaw or facial pain.
Kathy H

Finally….some relief!
I am so pleased to have found Rejuvenation Massage. I’ve had inter-oral massage in the past but nothing as gentle and effective as I received at Rejuvenation Massage. Gentle and intuitive massage loosened muscle tension so well that I actually dozed off. It will take several more appointments to manage years of TMJ pain….I cannot wait for my next appointment.

Highly recommended for TMJ relief
I have seen Caroline for weekly sessions for about 2 months now and the difference is remarkable. Not only are the massage sessions very relaxing, it really does help alleviate jaw pain and increases jaw mobility. It's an unusual process, but it works. Caroline is just wonderful. She is very professional and kind. She takes detailed notes and she's great about remembering specific nuances of my TMJ issues. I really appreciate such personalized care!
Kimberly B

I had a fantastic appointment with Caroline. She is clearly very caring, knowledgeable, and intuitive. We talked a lot about my pain and history so she could customize our work. The massage was incredibly effective for how gentle and relaxing it was. My headache went away and I was able to open my mouth much wider. I feel really confident that with more sessions I'll make even greater progress!
Leigh Ann J

Highly recommended
Caroline is very professional and cares about your well being. The space is clean and comfortable. Her ability to access your needs is amazing, your comfort is important to her. Also the ability to work with insurance is a plus, the only draw back is parking witch is on street. Again I highly recommend Caroline, she has helped me.
Mark L

Great experience
TMJD massage is a new concept for me, but Caroline thoroughly explained the process of the massage as well as the intent behind it. Attentive to clients' needs, she takes an interdisciplinary approach, using her dental hygienist background in combo w/LMT training to meet therapy goals. It was truly amazing to feel years of tension melt away within an hour and a half. Three days later, I'm able to open my mouth fully with minimal pain (no small feat). A work in progress but I hope to return soon.

Great tmjd massage
I have multiple issues with my jaw along with some issues with headaches. Caroline worked on my jaw and over the course of the entire massage I could feel my jaw begin to relax and start to release quite a bit. I will definitely return for future massages to continue Caroline's incredible work on my tmjd. I am very much looking forward to my next appointment.
Kylee Krida

I would very much recommend Caroline. I came to her to relieve some dental pain and tension caused by teeth clenching. The massages have helped immensely, and I am also amazed by how much better my neck feels as well! Being that she specializes in TMJ massage, she has a process that, in the hour and a half, thoroughly works through your head, neck, cheek and jaw muscles. The room, environment, and massage itself are very relaxing and calming, and I always leave feeling refreshed.
Maya S

Helpful Treatment - No Headaches In Months!
I started seeing Caroline in December 2020 for headaches that were occurring more often and my jaw was popping really loudly, too. The headaches stopped within several treatments with Caroline, and I continue to see her periodically to help maintain being "headache free!" So grateful for her skill, kindness and professionalism -- THANK YOU, Caroline! I strongly recommend Caroline's services without hesitation - very positive experience for me.
Molly W

Knowledgable Healer
I love working with Caroline-her experience, knowledge and passion for tmj relief makes her a true leader in this field! Caroline’s massages are always relaxing and have extended benefits long after the treatment is over. Her kind and healing presence makes her an absolute joy to work with <3 Thank you, Caroline!

Caroline is absolutely wonderful! In a few months she's calmed TMJ made considerably worse by the pandemic, which had reached a point at which my ears were ringing constantly! Now that's almost gone!
Meredith F

Caroline was extremely knowledgeable and professional. She discussed my expectations for the massage and explained each portion. I fell asleep multiple times! I felt like I was I good hands (literally and figuratively) and was impressed by her TMJ massage specialty.

Very Professional and Friendly
Caroline was really great to work with. She took the time to understand me fully and took fastidious notes. She probably knew the state of my wellness better than my doctor!
Gordon Hempton

stellar work
incredibly relaxing and tension-relieving. excellent space, deeply considered and methodical work, overall highly recommended.

Caroline is the best. She has helped my jaw so much. I love her holistic approach. I have found so much relief in going just a few times. TMJ has eased up tremendously thanks to her.
Shannon Duffy

Finally found relief!
I've been struggling with headaches and jaw aches most of my life. My session with Caroline was the first time I've felt relief from pain and stiffness in my jaw. Great therapist with patience and knowledge to help me through the process. Highly recommend.

Lucky to have found Caroline
Caroline has a wealth of information. Her expertise, experience and professionalism was amazing. She had such a way of making me feel comfortable and knowing I was in the right place. Her follow up was far above what I would have expected.
Kathleen E

Wonderful help for TMJ
Caroline is a terrific resource for those with TMJ pain. She has so much experience and knowledge which really comes through as you speak to her and through her process. Not only did she help my pain tremendously but she gave me ideas to use when I got home. She is really honest, sincere and thorough, I highly recommend her!
Esther Loopstra

Life changing
Life changing in the best way. My quality of life has increased so much! Headaches, jaw pain, overall body pain are drastically reduced/gone with TMJ Massage.

Highly recommend Rejuvenation Massage
I have been going to Caroline Brady of Rejuvenation Massage for about 19 years now. That in itself should speak volumes about her expertise and professionalism. In the beginning I saw her somewhat sporadically....but as age related body aches became more prominent, I began scheduling every 6 weeks and for the past several years I see her once a month. I always leave feeling better than when I arrived.
Carol Wagener

Caroline is a gifted massage therapist with TMJ expertise who is filling a niche long needed in this area. I can’t recommend her highly enough. After years of discomfort I am enjoying relief from headaches, neck aches and getting a good nights sleep.
Jennifer B

Caroline is amazing, thoughtful, compassionate and actually listens!
I can't say enough about Caroline and her massages. I have very tight neck, shoulder and jaw muscles which has resulted in a constant headache for the past two years. I tried wearing a bite guard at night and it only made matters worse. Nothing has really helped until I had my first massage with Caroline about 3 weeks ago. I have gone weekly and have definitely experienced improvement in my headache and muscle tightness. I plan to continue weekly massages and then monthly maintenance.

Highly recommend!
I highly recommend Caroline, Rejuvenation Massage. I had "managed" my TJM for years and finally decided to see Caroline when I was tired of feeling pain and stiffness. She is kind, thoughtful and listens to her patients. After just a few sessions, I have less pain and I am gaining ease of movement. I am truly grateful.
Bertina B

Miracle worker ... my TMJ pain is gone!
Caroline is truly a miracle worker, I had been suffering from jaw pain & headaches for years until I started seeing her for regular TMJ massages. She takes the time to listen & is very knowledgeable, especially given her background as a Dental Hygienist. I wish she still did full body massages, they were amazing too, but I actually find the TMJ work to be even more relaxing. Thank you for the work you do, its been life changing!
Molly M

Life changing
I highly recommend Rejuvenation Massage. I was at a point where I was miserable & in pain, most days due to TMJ. I was seeing a dentist and doing Botox in my jaw & 2x/month acupuncture with no relief. After the first session, I noticed a difference. The follow-up and detailed care, is amazing. I plan to continue to do monthly follow-up care even though my symptoms are minimal, it’s that great.

This was a great experience.
Caroline has a calm serenity about her that puts you at ease. She is very professional and informative. Her massage technique is making a difference and reducing my pain. Many thanks!

TMJ Releif
Caroline TMJ massage has made a difference .If anyone has suffered or has TMJ issues then Caroline is the person to see. Wonderful
Jamie G

Sooo relaxing
My session with Caroline was soo relaxing, I was sleeping for most of it. I left my first session already feeling some relief. I look forward to our future sessions
Myrissa S

Professional and attentive
I found Caroline though online portal as I was looking for a therapist that did work in TMJ therapy . I was extremely happy that I did Caroline has been working with me on my TMJ therapy and has defiantly made a difference .My jaw grinding and even a reduction of my Tinnitus has given me peace of mind and I'm able to relax a lot more because of her treatment. I highly recommend Caroline for whatever massage treatment you may need. Regards Jamie
Jamie G

Great Release for TMJ
Referred to Caroline by by dentist and so very grateful! She gave excellent information and explanation about the care I would receive and followed through precisely. I could feel the release at the end of the session and we found a plan that worked for me to continue treatment as needed. HIGHLY recommend!

TMJ Relief
Caroline is a life saver. I had a bad case of TMJ pain back in 2012. I tried massage, acupuncture, dentist trying to level my bite. Nothing worked. I found Caroline and see her on a regular basis for TMJ massage. I highly recommend her. She also does regular body massage also.
Sylvia B

What TMJ issues?
I began seeing Caroline in September 2017 for some issues with my jaw. After 3 or 4 TMJ focused massages my pain ceased. I am so grateful! I didn't even realize that Caroline also does full body massage without TMJ focus. Ever since that discovery I have made appointments with her for full body massage and I am thrilled to finally have a massage therapist that I can regularly see. She provides an excellent, calming environment for relaxing. I highly recommend Rejuvenation Massage!
Sara B

outstanding service
Caroline is terrific! Thoughtful, considerate and inquisitive. A terrific help with my jaw and neck tension. Always feel great after a massage and can't wait to go back.

Returned after Hiatus
I recently saw Caroline again after a six-year break. I was off doing other jobs and hadn't been able to arrange my schedule to see her. Really wonderful having such a nice session after so long. Got right back in the groove. She is kind and sensitive to my needs. She has a firm and gentle touch. Her new digs are spacious & super comfy, too.

Wonderful Massage
I have been experiencing shoulder and neck pain. One session with Caroline and my shoulders are much less tight. Her massage was just the right amount of pressure and soothing touch.

Wonderful provider!
Caroline spent ample time describing her services and collecting information about me and my needs. I had her focus on TMJ and neck and shoulder issues and felt immediate relief!
Heather S

Have been going to Caroline for a while, mostly for TMJ issues but recently also full body massage too. I felt a lot better after the massage. It is a drive for me to see her, but it is worth it to do it every month.

Great Service
I was referred by a friend who had similar symptoms. After seeing Carolyn the first time I really noticed a difference. I am looking forward to future visits to help eliminate the pain that I experience. What a great find!!!

Get rid of TMJ pain
I grind my teeth at night and developed shooting pain in my jaw which extended into my ear and neck. Carolyn's massage techniques got rid of that pain and have kept it from reoccurring. I am so grateful to have TMJ massage available -- it is a lifesaver.

The best
Caroline has been fantastic! She had kept me out pain for almost 2 years now. With maintanance every 3 weeks or so, I am living without pain. I have not needed and medical it surgical intervention because of her. I am so grateful for her healing hands.

Relieves my TMJ issue
I had three treatments over the past month and half, and my TMJ has greatly calmed down and my ears are no longer ringing. I am so happy to find a way to manage this problem without medication. Highly recommended!
Diana H

Refreshed and relaxed
Caroline listens. I was rejuvenated after my session with her and will be following up with more focused massage in the future. She has a gentle touch and a calming presence.
Greg Simmons

An Expert
I felt so much better after my massage with Caroline. She is truly a subject matter expert with TMJ! She has years of experience as a dental hygienist and saw, first hand, the terrible effects of TMD on clients. She takes time to understand your symptoms, listens, and then gives you a massage that will release your muscles more than they have been in ages. Highly recommend.

Thank you very much!
My daughter 's TMJ got much much better. She said it doesn't bother her anymore. It's amazing. I am so glad we found Caroline. It worth driving from Mukilteo.

TMJ Massage
Visited Caroline because I was having terrible jaw pain. She did an awesome job explaining what was going on and how she would make it better. The massage was great, and really helped with my symptoms. I now have no pain, and go back once every couple of months just to relieve some of the tightness in my jaw.

TMJ massage
I love working with Caroline! I went in to get the most amazing TMJ massage. I am not embarrassed to say, I was so comfortable I fell asleep on the table during my massage. Anyone with jaw pain or head discomfort, I strongly recommend Caroline. If you haven't had this type of massage before, you MUST try it. So comfortable! My only complaint is that I need to take better care of myself and go see Caroline more frequently!!!
Garret R

I was amazed with how much got released from Caroline's massage. The subtle movements were the most powerful. I'm definitely going back!
Eryn DeFoort

Caroline is amazing! She is kind and thoughtful and does an amazing job on my TMJ. I go every 3 weeks and it keeps everything in check! I would highly recommend her. She is absolutely wonderful!
Debbie M

Excellence, is the word to sum up a session with Caroline. She's professional, sensitive, and exacting in her technique and she truly cares about her clients. I very much enjoy my sessions and always leave feeling lighter, more relaxed... better. Thank you Caroline.
Pamela Z

The solution I always dreamed of
I wish I had more than 500 characters to sing the praises of Rejuvenation Massage. Like most TMJ sufferers, I went years bouncing between doctors & dentists that referred me back and forth without ever providing me a solution. Caroline is the only person that really listened and gave me help. She's extremely generous with her time and knowledge. The treatment itself is incredibly relaxing and I left feeling infinitely better than I came in. Anyone with TMJ should owes it to themselves to see her
David Maydoney

Three times a charm
Caroline Brady is probably one of the most unique healers I've ever encountered! I had no idea that I had TMJ symptoms until my dentist confirmed that I wasn't having a toothache. Number in hand, I rushed home to call Caroline. Generously, she got me into her BUSY schedule and after the first massage my relief was huge. Second time, I fell asleep, snored and probably drooled...all while she had her fingers in my mouth. I felt fabulous. Third visit was a bonus nap. Adios TMJ!
Sindy Todo

It truly IS rejuvinating!
I've been coming to Caroline for a long time....at least 15 years, maybe more. I see her monthly and don't think I would be as healthy as I am without these regular massages. She's great at working out a kink if you've overused some muscle and always asks me if there's anything in particular that needs work before we start the massage. She's generous with her knowledge so you can continue to treat yourself if something is ailing. She's fun, pleasant and always professional.
Carol Wagener

Solution for TMJ pain
I get regular TMJ massages to keep pain at bay. Caroline is very knowledgeable and does a fabulous massage. You will be in good hands.

Caroline is amazing!
I have been seeing Caroline for about seven years now. I had chronic TMJ pain and had tried everything, but nothing seemed to work until I went to Caroline. She truly has a magic touch! I highly recommend her!
Annie W

Caroline is a lifesaver for those stuffing from TMJ
I was having severe TMJ pain so my Dentist referred me to Caroline Brady. I have been seeing Caroline once a month for the past 2 years & she has literally saved my life!!!! I was at my wits end but with Caroline's magic touch my pain is now manageable. I look forward to my massages because they continue to give me relief. Caroline is the best & I would trust her with my life. I highly recommend her!!

Best in town!
Caroline is bar none the best LMT I have ever seen. Her caring, technique, knowledge, and experience are exceptional! I recommend to all. The TMJ specialization puts her in a league of her own.
Tyler M

Very helpful!
Caroline is wonderful! She gives a very nurturing and relaxing massage to help relieve jaw tension. My pattern of habitual clenching is slowly but surely changing.

Impressive results.
I'd been having nagging jaw pain that I allowed to go on for too long before making an appointment. Caroline is competent and caring, and I immediately felt at ease with her. Her method is thoroughly effective and yet gentle and relaxing. I walked out of the appointment pain-free and with full range of motion restored. I highly recommend her services!
Donna A

A wise investment!
I would most definitely recommend Caroline Brady for TMJ massage. I cannot say enough about her professionalism, knowledge of jaw and muscle issues, and thoroughness. I specifically had a very tight jaw muscle after a 3 hour dental surgery resulting in an inability to open my mouth more 1/2 an inch. Caroline's approach was gentle and informative, within one visit I could notice a qualitative difference, that improved with full functioning in 3 visits. I can't say enough about her expertise!

Grateful for Rejuvenation Massage
I would highly recommend Caroline..I am thrilled that I found a TMJ massage therapist that has the expertise. She knows which muscles to focus on. She takes time to discuss & figure out the plan of action for the session. TMJ has many areas/levels of pain & I thought with my recent symptoms that there was no hope. My pain was constant & constantly on my mind which was impacting my daily routines & my social life as well. I'm on my way to 100% - that's amazing & thank you for making a difference
Carole B

Good Results!
Hoping to head off wearing a mouth guard and painful headaches from clenching my teeth, I started seeing Caroline last month for my jaw. I can really feel how much more relaxed my jaw is afterward. Appointments are very relaxing and Caroline does not rush through or finish at a specific time. She takes as much time as needed until your muscles relax. I highly recommend her!
Kelly K

fabulous massage for TMJ
What a great experience, mouth and jaw felt so relaxed I fell asleep. Great place to go if you are seeking relieve from pain and soreness' in jaw.
michelle porterfield

Don't hesitate to make an appointment!
Caroline's work has relieved my teenage daughter's TMJ pain and helped to change her life over the last few months. My daughter has felt improvement with each appointment and she is slowly tapering off her visits now. Caroline knows her stuff. Based on my daughter's response to the massage, Caroline's estimates of progress and recovery have been spot on. I can't imagine a more devoted, kind and caring practitioner. She is gentle and completely trustworthy. Don't hesitate to make an appointment!
K. King

Caroline Saved My Bacon Once Again
I see Caroline every month for a full body massage...just to keep everything loose and my immune system strong. This time, however, I'd had an accident in the interim and my back was really messed up. Caroline just took extra time and worked on those problem areas until I had no more "sore spots" .... she is sooooo caring and concerned for her patients well being. I don't know what I would do without her!?
Carol Wagener

Absolutely Amazing
Rejuvenation Massage has been life changing for me. Caroline has helped alleviate my TMJ ear pain. She has an amazing touch and is detailed and absolutely wonderful! I would recommend her to anyway dealing with TMJ pain as a first step to seeking relief.
Debbie Massarano

always a caring professional
I was really late for my appointment and Carolyn was still the caring professional she was normally. Her massage is great too!

Clean, pleasant surroundings. Caroline is very pleasant - takes time to educate the client as to what she will do. The massage was wonderful - just wonderful.
Susana Herbert

Relief after the first session!
I recently had my first massage and immediately noticed results! I am ecstatic to say that my jaw feels better than it has in the last three months! Caroline is amazing! Her techniques are spot on, and I had a big smile on my face when I walked out the door. If you're struggling with jaw pain, look no further!
Violet B

I look forward to my time with Caroline
Caroline is amazing. She has helped relived tension in my jaw and I have the best power nap when I am with her. She listens, comforts and soothes. She is also just a fantastic person I enjoy getting to know. Thank you Caroline!
Meena M

Caroline is a Miracle Worker
Caroline at Rejuvenation Massage is truly wonderful. She has helped relieved my ear pain and headaches from TMJ. She has greatly increased the quality of my life and I am grateful to have found her. I would HIGHLY recommend her!
Deborah Massarano

Professional and Caring
I have found Caroline to be professional, knowledgable and caring.She always checks in first, before beginning treatment, and is quiet through the massage, which I so appreciate.I have found great healing and a new form of treatment to manage my TMJ!I highly recommend Caroline, she is the best and the massage heavenly.
Sheila M

Great experience! Highly recommend!
My first TMJ massage and already excited by the results. With this work-up, Caroline managed to work every aspect of my pain and stress away. It will take a few visits for sure, and I am already looking forward to each and every one of them.If you have any jaw pain, I highly recommend Caroline.
Joshua Russak

Miracle worker!
I've been seeing Caroline for 3 years - before that I never knew how my jaw was supposed to feel!She is so warm and personable and really puts her clients at ease.Before I came for the first time I was hesitant about intraoral massage, but her technique is so gentle and relaxing.She is fantastic!
Amy S

Very effective, very classy massage
I have seen Carolyn for the past year for TMJ massage.More than anything else I 've done for pain, Carolyn's massage has been blessed relief!And the environment of her practice is nicely furnished and very relaxing.She is a class act!
Sheri Dugan

Top notch
Carolyn Brady is great at what she does and she has created an environment where you can feel very comfortable and relaxed.It took 3(or was it 4 ? ) sessions to get noticeable relief but then it was wonderfully noticeable.I highly recommend Carolyn
Sheri Dugan

Caroline is AMAZING
I am so grateful to have found Caroline.She is great at her job.She 's professional and personable. I was having severe discomfort in my jaw and neck. After 4 sessions with her, things have definitely improved. With each additional visit, I'm experiencing more relief for longer periods of time.Her technique is very relaxing(I usually find myself nodding off as she puts you at ease).I look forward to going for my appointment.Highly recommend Caroline!!!

Caroline is One IN A Million! Caroline is One IN A Million! Caroline is One IN A Million! Caroline is One IN A Million!!

Had back pain, tension, knots, the works. A day after Caroline worked her magic, I'm feeling like a new man. Even if I don't factor in the relief, it was still a worthwhile experience that left me relaxed, decompressed, and stress - free.Many thanks!
Gene Lange

I had the mother of all stiff necks for about 4 days. Caroline knew just where the trouble was, and went after those locked down places. She worked into it slowly, but it was necessary for her to persistently massage those areas until they softened.It was uncomfortable at the time, but feels much, much better the day after.Thank you, Caroline!
Todd Pearson

Just one visit and my jaw is more relaxed than it has been in recent memory!The clicking is significantly less pronounced. It was one of the most relaxing massage experiences I've ever had! Can't wait to go back.

Immediate Impact
I can't believe after one visit that my jaw could feel that relaxed again or that that popping would stop.It was so relaxing, that I fell asleep 5 minutes into the massage.

Works Every Time
Without fail, every time I get a TMJ massage from Caroline, I feel better.It helps reduce tightness and pain in my jaw, I always fall asleep and I always feel more relaxed all - around.Caroline is professional, warm, and really cares about her clients.If you are even just considering this type of massage, just give it atry.It works!

Best relief for TMJ
I have seen Caroline for my TMJ for the last few months. When I first met Caroline I constantly had glassy teeth, migraines and jaw tightness. On good days, I could read a story to my nieces, on bad days I could not eat solid food. Now, I hardly ever get simptoms due to TMJ. No headaches, no glassy teeth. My life has changed in a big way. I have been given relief that I had almost given up hope on. Caroline is thoughtful, kind and very talented.I highly recommend her to anyone in my situation
Sage H

I have ringing in my ears. I had my first session with Caroline and already the ringing is diminished. I have two more sessions and look forward to being ring free! And the MDs wanted me to take drugs.Thanks so much Caroline!She is good at what she does, communicates well and is great at setting expectations.
Carrie B

I have had issues with my jaw muscles and a skewed bite for several months.My first session with Caroline made a world of difference and, in combination with a chiropractor, my jaw is almost completely back to normal. I had a dentist trying to convince me, without any particular reason, that I needed to buy a $3500 bite guard.Good thing I found Rejuvenation Massage.
Jason C

Miracle Worker
When I came to my first appointment my jaw was a mess. I've had TMJ symtoms for years & due to that & stress, my jaw was very tight & it was hard to find acomfortable position for it to land.I had headaches & my ability to think of much more was limited. After that appointment with Caroline my jaw felt better & my headaches were gone.With a few more visits it continue to improved. I still have the clicking but that I can live with! Now I go every 4 - 6 weeks & I love it. Thank You Caroline!

Expert & wonderful!
I am very impressed with Caroline's work. Her expertise in TMJ was just what I needed and has already helped me tremendously. Thank you!
Leslie Phinney Phinney

She's the best!
Long time client of Caroline 's I can not imagine my life without my monthly massage visit. Sometimes I have particular body issues that she will focus on other times I just get the full body massage to maintain good health. Caroline is very knowledgeable, professional, caring yet fun - she 's definitely got it all going on!
Carol Wagener

Easy, gentle releasing
I was so PLEASED with Caroline's gift of touch. She has a gentle rhythmic listening through her hands and her whole being that served to allow my body deep relaxation in which unwinding tension and life - flow could take place effortlessly.There was more ease and openness within me the following day as well.Her work serves well for those of us tripped up by unnecessary holdings in our head, jaw and neck.
Lisa D.J.

The healing continues
Caroline has been helping my TMJ area adjust to old injuries that never were addressed properly. I never even hoped to feel this comfortable again. And my smile is back!!!

TMJ Massage
Caroline is the best! I was referred to her by Dr. Pehling for my TMJ. What a difference a couple months make! Truly amazing. She's also a wonderful person who is calming and supportive dealing with TMJ issues. I will keep going FOREVER!

Great solution
I've been dealing with issues because of jaw clenching for about 6 months. After a ton of research I found Rejuvenation Massage. Caroline was so great. She really listens to everything you say, and has a lot of great information. The massage was amazing. I've only had one treatment but I will definitely be going back. Money well spent.
Elizabeth C

Solution for Extreme TMJ Problem
I developed severe TMJ issues and finally found Rejuvenation TMJ massage after trying other painful unsuccessful solutions. I have TMJ massage on a regular basis to maintain my bite and alleviate tight jaw muscles. Excellent!
Sylvia Bonnell

best place for TMJ helping me solve problem.
This place really cares about your wellness they listen and make sure you are comfortable at all times I would recommend this place for any one with bad TMj issues I can't wait for my next appointment
Michelle Porterfield

Always feel better
First off the new location is a wonderful soothing environment. Caroline's intake interview gets to what hurts and then she focuses her session on relieving the stress related tension in my back. I'm lucky to have found her.
joan w

The Best
I have not had experience with any other TMJ massage specialists, but if I was forced to see someone else, Caroline has set the bar extremely high. She is patient & thorough and has helped me immensely! I highly recommend her.
Becky W

In 2012, I had a terrible time with TMJ in my jaw, to the point that I could not bite down and have my teeth touch. I had tried massage, acupuncture and dental help with no improvement. I began seeing Caroline on a weekly basis and she began to create a miracle for me with no pain. I am still having her work on me so I have no relapse with the TMJ. I can't say enough about her technique and the results I have obtained.
Sylvia B

Always a great experience
My wife and I have been seeing Caroline for many years. She is a true professional who understands and exemplifies the perfect patient experience.
Robert Spector

Great quality massage
Caroline is very pleasant. I have had an intra oral massage at another facility that was extremely painful. With Caroline, she does a great job. She doesn't rush and she is very thorough and conscientious.
Dawn B

Great service and treatment
Great massage, very thorough with getting background and symptoms and uses clearly competent skills in assessment guided treatment.
Tom Neufeld

Great TMJ Care
Ms Brady has helped me immensely to manage my TMJ. 2x a month sessions allows me to avoid serious problems. Keeps good track of progress and any changes. Her work and my occasional stretches have kept me going.
Peter C

TMJ massage therapy
I have only been seeing Caroline for about 5 months now but the relief in jaw pain and headaches has been incredible. Caroline was able to fit me into her schedule several times prior to a trip I was taking to Italy....and having my TMJ pain relieved made my vacation that much more enjoyable. I cannot say enough great things about her!
Sue Ann Misiak

Life saver
I started going to Caroline when my body was in crisis from upper back and neck pain. I have had plenty of massages and hers, by far, are the most effective and consistent. Her skills help me repair and manage my pain and I look forward to each appointment with longing anticipation. She's the best!
joan woods

incredible experience, my first time
having my head massaged was absolutely amazing. caroline is warm and her approach very gentle. i'm definitely going back.
Valerie M

TMJ Massage
Caroline is warm, thorough and professional. My first visit was to deal with my jaw issues. My massage was delightful - I fell asleep. I experienced immediate relief after and will definitely return.
Kelly Gates

Customer for life!
I've been Caroline's patient for about 15 years. I see her every 4 weeks for full body massage and am convinced it's part of what keeps my trigeminal neuralgia at bay and also has strengthened my immune system. She is not only good at what she does in a professional manner...she's a delight to be around!
Carol Wagener

Great Help!
I have been going to Caroline for over two years for TMJ. She listens and responds. Excellent service. Very helpful.
Kathy E

Don't know what I'd do without her!
I've been seeing Caroline for TMJ work for quite awhile . Recently my bite went all wonky due to unusual stress. And she was able to fit me right in... what a relief! I really don't know what I'd do without her!
Marybeth Spector

Truly Wonderful
Caroline is extremely talented and is excellent at what she does. Whether it's a TMJ massage, where she excels at relieving pain and relaxing the jaw muscles, or a full-body massage, she's thorough, professional, and extremely friendly. I'd see her every week if I could!

A New Experience
Ever since I first heard that there existed a massage method for TMJ I have been incredibly intrigued. I've never had severe TMJ, but it has been an underlying issue for me for years. I finally came across Rejuvenation Massage and decided to go for it. I am very happy I did. Caroline is very personable and thorough. I look forward to going back!

Caroline Brady does an incredible job helping her patients manage TMJ dysfunction and helps bring healing and relief with her skills in and knowledge of massage. And all the while, she makes you feel at home and comfortable during each visit! I highly recommend her!
Lillianne W

Wonderful TMJ
Caroline Brady does a great job helping me manage my TMJ. She closely tracks her actions and my progress. I am in a slow but positive trend to solving this problem with my 2x monthly appointments. Highly recommended.
peter c

TMJ Massage
Scheduling was easy even though tough to get an appointment. The massage was very helpful. I feel relief from previous symptoms. It is expected to revert to previous state, but in addition to a mouth guard, I am trying this and so far think it will be synergistic to healing my TMJ symptoms. I would recommend this therapist highly.

I book a TMJ treatment massage with Caroline after every dentist appointment I have. For years I suffered from tight TMJ muscles, pain and my sinuses were continually congested. After receiving my first treatment years ago now, I have been able to breath easier, and my TMJ pain disappeared. Now I just go in for one treatment after each dentist appointment to keep my jaws and sinuses healthy. Thank you Caroline!

I really don't think she needs this review....
because Caroline is a 100% professional who is superb at what she does. As a TMJ sufferer, she provides me relief unlike drugs and keeps my quality of life at a much higher level. If you're considering massage for relief, she WILL help you. Thank you Caroline!
Becky W

Caroline keeps me smiling!
I have been seeing Caroline for the past couple of years for clenching and jaw pain. I feel so relaxed and relieved whenever I see her, and my pain is much diminished with regular treatments. And the results last for several weeks! She is a miracle worker!
Gini Beck

My monthly tune-up!
I've been going to Caroline for at least 10 years and hope to be able to go for at least the next 10. Besides helping my aging body feel SO much better, I think my monthly massage boosts my immune system....and Caroline is the BEST.
Carol Wagener

Feeling Great!
I can't tell you how much better I have gotten since I have been coming to Caroline. I haven't had any headaches since I have been seeing her. My TMJ pain is also better!
Marcia Kelly

I so appreciate Caroline's skill and care.
Caroline has helped relieve the tension that causes my migraines. She is good! Highly Recommended.

Great TMJ work
Caroline has helped me maintain health and diminish the effect of a persistent TMJ problem with 2x month massage. She is thorough and professional and effective. Highly recommended.

Pure Comfort and Relief!
Caroline does wonders on the body and mind. She is so good at what she does and she's a gem to work with concerning our crazy family schedule. She's a bright, soothing and healing source in our life!
Marisa/Siena Jeakle

Feeling great!
I can't believe the difference I feel after having a massage from Caroline. My headaches and jaw pain are gone. I have been seeing Caroline for 2 + years and I feel like a new woman. It is so wonderful not to be in pain!!
Marcia Kelly

Carolyn is a master!
After going to my doctor with a severe earache and being told there was nothing wrong with my ear, I was referred to Carolyn for TMJ massage. She has helped my condition greatly and I believe is a large factor in keeping my TMJ and associated head and jaw pain under control. It's worth the wait to get in to see her, trust me!
Becky W

Believe it!
When I found Caroline, I was skeptical regarding the TMJ massage but it really works. She manages to isolate and relax the jaw and neck in a way no masseuse ever has. She is warm, concerned and a great listener. She's also helped my shoulder and back, so she'll fix what ails you!
Jacqueline M

She's the Best
Caroline Brady gives the best massage in the universe. What else matters? The TMJ treatment is good as well. I recommend her highly to anybody who needs a hurt soothed.
Wayne Cunningham

I feel our community is so lucky to have Caroline as a resource. She is uniquely qualified and specially trained to provide relief to those of us suffering with TMJ. She came highly recommended by my neurologist to help with my migraines and TMJ.

An integral part of maintaining health
I've been seeing Caroline for at least 10 years now and she has helped me through a variety of ailments...the most serious being trigeminal neuralgia on the left side of my head. I see her about every 4 weeks now and am convinced these visits are key to maintaining the relatively good health I've worked so hard to achieve. She's a compassionate professional who keeps current in her field of expertise.
Carol Wagener

I can open my mouth comfortably again to eat!
Thanks, Caroline, for the incredible education and massage. I'm looking forward to getting the jaw free of pain & increased range of motion back from TMJ.
Darcy B

I had a great full body massage from Caroline. I have been under a lot of stress, and she was able to reduce some of the knots and and make me feel much better! I plan to return on a regular basis.
Sherri H

years of frustration fixed in 3 visits!
I've been battling TMJ for years and never had the money or insurance to get it worked on by a dentist, but then I found Caroline. I hadn't been able to open wide in over 2 years but she had me doing great in just 3 visits! I'm going back for periodic maintenance, and the difference in my ease of living is astounding. I'm recommending her to all my friends who have muscular TMJ problems.

Very helpful
Caroline gave me a TMJ massage. She sensed intuitively what my body needed and also checked in with me throughout the massage to find out how I was feeling. There was a very noticeable relaxation in my jaw, facial and neck muscles from the massage and that has carried over into the following days.
Carol B

Great Experience!
Caroline is one of those rare people who can instinctively know what kind of massage you need. I was a skeptic and now am a believer. Rejuvenation Masaage is the perfect name for Caroline's business!
Linda Miner

great job
Caroline is respectful and seems to know her work. She worked intraorally and I could fee the difference immediately. I recommend her to folks who need to see a trustworthy massage practioner.
Dorsey G

Highly recommended!
I was referred to Carolyn by my doctor because of extreme jaw pain. After the first appointment my pain and swelling was reduced significantly. She is a wonderful professional, highly skilled at her profession. I will return as often as possible!
Becky W

Excellent healing support!
Caroline has done a fantastic job with the tight muscles in my teen daughter's neck and jaw. The incapacitating headaches have gone away as a result of her work. She is a wonderful resource to our Seattle healing community!

Professional & Relaxing
I was so at ease in Carolyn's space, almost as though I were receiving the massage in my own home. I really appreciate how much she encouraged feedback during the session- Carolyn has a fluid, knowledgable & responsive professional demeaner that induces a feeling of total relaxation in her capable hands.

Paula L

Caroline spells relaxation!
I can't say enough wonderful things about Caroline. I have had a chronic condition for 10 years and she is the first person to listen and offer relief without the pressure to fix me! She is just wonderful!

Caroline is extraordinary!
You must experience her massage! Get the 4 pack deal, you will never regret it. I'm a medical professional and find her technique theraputic as well as 'a natural high'!
Colleen C

Caroline Brady is the best.
I've been getting massage for twenty years. I've been to many different massage therapists for relief of arthritic joints and lower back problems. I would highly recommend this service. Caroline Brady is the best

Best ever massage
I've been getting massage from Caroline Brady for years...I've lost count how many. I thought she was the best the first time I went, but she just keeps getting better! Whether for relaxation or resolution of specific ailments she is professional, caring and pleasant in every way.
Carol Wagener

TMJ Massage brings relief
I am seeing Caroline for TMJ massage and it has been a great relief to find her. The tension has really eased in my jaw (and pressure-caused tooth pain has decreased) which is a big plus. Caroline is friendly, professional and good at what she does!
Gini Beck